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The inception of our store stemmed from a homeschooling project, driven by curiosity about the intricacies of starting and managing a business. Encouraged by a dear friend and my husband, we initially ventured into the realm of online retail. However, as the business began to encroach upon my craft room, I realized that if I were to relinquish that space, it should be for something tangible—a physical storefront open four days a week.


When we embarked on this journey, Miles was 11 and Devita was 9, both fully immersed in every facet of the shop's operations. They've absorbed a wealth of knowledge, from discerning between various fabrics and their qualities to understanding the intricacies of fabric production and procurement. Their education extends beyond the tangible materials; they've delved into the administrative side as well, mastering tasks such as inventory management, order placement, and financial stewardship—ultimately learning the invaluable lesson of running a business without accruing debt. Today, they shoulder 95% of the responsibilities required to sustain our store, embodying the essence of dedication and entrepreneurship at such a tender age.

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